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Facing the risk of major outage, the constant need for more bandwidth and higher network availability requires an exceptional operational support system.

Real-time telecom network inventory management for a better customer journey

Telecom inventory management is an essential requirement for offering an automat...
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EllaLink relies on SATEC to implement VC4-IMS and set up operations

Satec Group has designed a first-class architecture composed by best-of-breed so...
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VC4 B.V. Achieves ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

In continuous pursuit of operational excellence, VC4 has passed all internal and...
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The importance of flexibility in modern business

In our fast-paced, increasingly technological world, it is becoming more and mor...
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How can IMS make a CEO’s life easier?

A chief executive officer's (CEO's) life is a busy one, involving many requireme...
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