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The 4 Vs of big data - Velocity, Variety, Volume and Veracity

Fast evolving networks yielding exponentially increasing amounts of critical ope...
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Harnessing the Power of VC4 IMS for Comprehensive WDM Network Planning and Inventory Management

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology has revolutionized modern tele...
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NRENs: The need for agility

For a variety of reasons, the quest for agility is playing an increasingly impor...
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Understanding network inventory management solutions: the what – and why

For telecoms operators of all types, network inventory management has always bee...
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Manage your telephone number inventory effectively

For network operators, the task of automating and managing their telephone numbe...
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The importance of the network inventory management system in network planning

Effective network planning is in part reliant on an effective network inventory ...
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